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Here is the youtube audio for the BETTER MAN album, featuring the title song
and the rest of the album in order. A brief topical description is added for each song
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Track 10, Better Man- His girl dreams of him being everything she wants. He knows he's
not quite there yet, and pledges to be a better man from this point on. Grows into a very powerful ballad.
10. (Title Track) Better Man

Track 1, Jackie Brown - Things start off with a spring break love narration about a girl named Jackie Brown,
who didn't show up the next spring as agreed, as the narrator waited (the hours then the days went by) - until he
"realized" what Jackie already knew which was "(chorus kicks in here)".
1. Jackie Brown

Track 2, Palomino Pony , is another first person narration from a man who, as a kid, corralled a Palomino, spent months taming it,
only to be crushed when he came home from school "one day to see she had run away". The second verse he experiences a sort
of deja vu, as he meets a free styling "perfectly imperfect girl" with silken hair and bright blue eyes. He would have spent his life with
her but alas, was crushed with heart felt pain when he "woke one day to find that she was gone for good".

2. Palomino Pony

Track 3, That's What I'm Thinking -- is an all out, unapologetic love song, as he dreams constantly of being with his girl kissing on the
beach under a red sunset and blue stars above. Now, when I hear it, it rings of Michael Buble gone country pop.

3. That's What I'm Thinking

Track 4, Crashed -- is an all out guitars driven modern country. Immediate love as their lives crashed into each other with great impact
and it was all over right from the start. "This ain't no fender bender. This ain't no hit and run."
Has a structure similar to many country chart hits today.

4. Crash

Track 5, This Is -- without hesitation, is my try at Tim McGraw's "Something Like That". A lasting love that, like wine, gets better with time,
and though has its share of fussing and fighting, but he wouldn't trade this life for anything.

5. This Is
(live vocal w video from the Blue Parrot)

Track 6, Two People--You have lived this life, are currently living this life, will be living this life, wished you had lived this life,
or hope you'll live this life. Highly reflective song of a deep love that takes a back seat to busy lives, and putting everything aside
to discover each other again and just be in love.

6. Two People

Track 7, Roadhouse Rendezvous-- She loves a bad boy, but her daddy doesn't like him. They plan to meet up at the local
roadhouse bar and grill, and daddy gets wind of it. Daddy and his friends set out to teach bad boy a lesson, but bad boy has a few
friends there of his own. A "rough and tumble, genuine rumble" ensues. Daddy goes to jail, and Melissa Mae begins to "show".
Listen to find out what happens....

7. Roadhouse Rendezvous

Track 8 She's About Love-- He loves his country girl, who apparently is the best woman ever, according to the song!
Is this you, Country Girls?

8. She's About Love

Track 9 No Stoppin' Now-- Falling head over heels provides a euphoria described through the use of several analogies. Includes an understated but amzing lap steel guitar solo
Is this you, Country Girls?

9. No Stopping Now