Tom Davis - Country Music Artist and Entertainer

Thoughtful, Real Life Narratives

One man, one guitar, one big personality, 5000 performances experience, and a large collection of modern and classic country music radio hits, Tom Davis will supply you with great musical support for your event. Three country music albums filled with songs that make you listen, and then want to hear the next one.
- delivered with accurate, smooth vocals, an acoustic guitar, and an affable, fun personality.....
Also can be added to a Tom's plethora of modern and classic hits for a variety set.

Typical Set List -90 minute performance


"Country music is...what happens during the week. Rock 'n roll is about what happens at the weekend." (Gary Allan)

It's about making a connection- that place where words and music engage emotion in listeners. And it's just that connection that has been at the heart of Tom Davis' focus as a country music artist.

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In his quest to record country music that could rival any of the great artists out there today, Davis delved into the publishers' catalogues of demos. He selected, out of hundreds of songs, about 30 songs from some of the biggest songwriters of the day - songs that weren't yet recorded and released by anybody (or at least by any big name artists)- songs he felt could chart if given the attention they deserve. The two albums released thus far, with the finest musicianship and top shelf production, do indeed rival the best music out in the country genre.

In a live setting, Davis brings forth many new age country hits from Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Eric Church, etc., some classic modern material from the likes of Alan Jackson, George Strait, Garth Brooks, etc., and material from his "Better Man" and "Chillin With You" albums.

"People live, have lived, will live, or want to live the lives portrayed in the words of these songs" he says. Nowhere is it more evident than in "Two People" from Davis' "Better Man" album, which stresses the importance of taking a breather from the trials of life to again discover that you are two people in love. The song depicts a marriage as it progresses into the first born child through more children. Every line of this is indeed a line many of you have lived, or will live.
"She's Gone Hollywood" is a guitar driven anthem about a small town country girl moving out to be in the glitter of L.A. to take her shot at show business, dyeing her black hair blonde to gain some perceived advantage as she works as a "waitress/actress tending bar at the beach."
"I've been gigging on the local scenes in Florida and PA very long time." He says with the usual affable quality, "but I want to take it farther from home and have people out there know who I am and to feel like I'm telling the story they've lived or want to live. I want them to feel I'm talking about THEM."
"Little Kiss Of Your Love", the opener and newest single from "Chillin' With You", reaffirms Davis as a sincere and valid country artist, and the second track, "Chillin' (with you)" as someone whose wide musical taste and Florida beaches lifestyle add a bit of tropical substance to his appeal. The song has feel of a Kenny Chesney/Jack Johnson collaboration. Out in the field, he, along with his wireless equipped guitar and headset mic, works the stage and the folks as well as anybody in the business.
"I'm really proud of these albums," he says. "They are just LOADED with songs that really mean something to me and I knew they would mean something to other people. They trigger different emotions, from a little taste of partying and having fun to love on the beach or the farm. Some songs explore a bit deeper, such as "That Day", the closer on "Chillin' With You". It's a baby boomer love story from the time Walter tells Emily that it's nice to see her face again right through the tux and gown ("Outside the Church, everyone was singin'. These two were surely blessed from up above!!"), then having kids (and he found out how much the world can weigh), and finally to the time that she discovers him passed away next to her early one Sunday morning-- she passes on later that very same day. What sounds like a sad story is brought up to celebration of life status with a repeat of the chorus at the dual funeral ("Outside the Church, everyone was singin'. These two were surely blessed from up above!!") The chorale type chorus will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck and perhaps a tear appear at the corners of your eyes. Walter and Emily lived great lives and touched the lives of many around them.
"You Leaving Me", a recent single (track 3 on "Chillin' With You), is an emotional journey as a father is torn up about walking his daughter down the "aisle to another man". He thinks about all the times with her as she was growing up, and comes to the realization that her soon to be husband makes her light up like nothing he's ever seen. ("It's all gonna be ok, You Leavin' Me" he tells her).
No Tom Davis album would be complete with it's share of FUN songs. "This Ain't No Love Song and "This Horse Is Drinkin' ", both co-written by Nashville songwriter Chris Rowe (Taylor Swift's mixing engineer in the studio and out on the road) are swinging style "bar songs", that have found a home as gig staples, with "This Horse" often being the show closer. "I've been performing music for a living for about 27 years now and have a pretty good idea of what makes people react to a song, whether emotionally or physically."
They will hear his small town background in every note. He's a product of Pottsville, Pennsylvania, a working-class coal region town where he grew up loving the local radio stations." He began a music career there which has resulted in over 5000 gigs as one of the most prolific performers in the business, - and to this day he has never lost his love for doing what he does best-- taking his music and stage demeanor to the people.
"Nobody can ever tell me I don't give it everything I have. My life is based upon playing live." he says. "I've incorporated much of my album material to my live performance, to great success, reaffirming to me my choice in what music to make the basis of my career from here on."
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